Friday, 31 January 2014

Status update

State of the blog

As you may have noticed, not much has been happening with this blog. It is now one year old, and there have been 3 posts. So ... does that mean this blog is dead? No, it ain't dead. I have plenty of ideas to write here "some sunny day", it is just that I didn't get around to actually doing so ...

Some ideas for blog posts that have been floating in my head, but never materialized so far:
  • The auction house, and my findings from analyzing the AH data that Blizzard publishes via its Community Platform API
  • On my twitter feed I have frequently mentioned my goal of getting a character of each class to 90 and a character of each race to 90. What's the status there (hint: the "all classes" bit was reached many months ago, for the "all racesbit" there is only one pending).
  • Also mentioned via twitter frequently is my fairly large number of level 90 characters (even without above goals in mind). Currently the counter is at 25 characters at 90. What makes each character different from each other? How do they gear up? With experience in many classes and specs, what is my view on what makes a character more fun or less fun?
  • Little not-so-well known facts about World of Warcraft that I discovered, sometimes by accident. For instance, did you know that the monk "Glyph of Zen Flight" allows a monk to fish while in Zen Flight? That's a great way to stay out of reach of nearby pesky mobs.

However, I keep getting distracted by "real life" (tm), so if and when I may find time to actually write about these things, I don't know... Only time can tell.

And then there are of course little things such as trying to find out how to work effectively with blogger. For instance, how do I include a picture in the blog? And how do I make wowhead links pop up the linked item in the tooltip? I should make some test blog post some day to test those ... oh wait, maybe I just did that :)

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  1. I can safely confirm that you have nailed both getting pictures and tooltips into the post!! & I know how you feel, pesky real life stuff.